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Welcome to MOSA ... "uniting all scientific efforts towards one single goal."

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Medical Ozone (O3) - Prolozone Therapy (O3) - Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT / O2) - Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) - (PDT) PhotoDynamic Cancer Therapy (1O2) - (SDT) SonoDynamic Cancer Therapy (1O2)

* The following international scientific medical research spans over 100+ years:

* 1,000's of peer reviewed scientific medical research references ... journal articles, case studies and reports.

* 10,000's of highly-educated ethical scientists and medical professionals worldwide ... allopathic trained doctors, veterinarians, dentists, surgeons, holistic doctors, smart escorts from naturopaths, therapists, clinics, hospitals, science institutions, educational institutions, government departments, national and international medical and scientific associations ... and major annual international scientific and medical congresses.

* 1,000,000's of patients have received these therapies worldwide (U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, the Middle East, South Africa, Russia, Cuba etc.)

* 10,000,000's of safe, non-toxic and successful applications have been administered in preventing, improving, healing, curing and reversing innumerable disease conditions (including supposed "incurables") .... across the vast spectrum of Human Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry.

* Scan the top menu bar and left menu bar to view the immense international research and videos available.

United States - The Cause and Cure of all Disease:

Harvard Medical School (U.S.) ... Tulane Medical School (U.S.) ... and Mississippi Medical School (U.S.) by Dr. Cecil H Drinker, Dr. H. S Myerson and Dr. Arthur C. Guyton between 1930 and 1963. Alarmingly, their research findings were suppressed by U.S. special interests.

Their research findings were as follows:
1. Every healing art involves the movement of oxygen into the cells.
2. While all illness, including cancer, involves the movement of oxygen away from the cells.
3. Lack of oxygen and loss of energy at the cell level ... is the cause of all disease that afflicts humanity.

N.B. Oxygen medicine, particularly, in the form of O, O3, 1O2, ROS, H2O2 ... addresses these specific issues (above) ... thus, reversing the disease process, curing inumerable disease conditions, accelerating cellular repair and healing processes ... killing all harmful pathogens (virus, bacteria and fungi) ... and without harming healthy cells.

1-2-3 Steps to All Disease ... Toxicosis ... Acidosis ... Hypoxia

All disease conditions begin with the accumlation of toxins (toxicosis) in the body, causing acid levels to increase (acidosis), pH levels and oxygen levels to lower ... and starving cells of oxygen (hypoxia).

In an optimal healthy metabolic environment, cellular oxygen levels are high and normal healthy cells will use oxygen as their primary energy source and maintain optimal cellular functions.

However, in an impaired metabolic environment, toxicity levels will increase, oxygen levels will lower, and hypoxic cells (oxygen starved cells) are forced to adapt / mutate to a primary "glucose fermentation" energy course in order to survive in a toxic micro-environment.

Hypoxic cells are far less efficient and will impair metabolic and immune system functions. Hypoxic cells will also escalate toxicity levels and increase acidosis conditions ... furthering the disease process and disease symptoms.

At the cellular level ... hypoxic cells signify the beginning of all chronic degenerative disease conditions and processes.

When conditions become so toxic that hypoxic cells multiply out of control ... they are called cancer cells

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