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About ozone in medicine

Ozone therapy is one of the most successful treatments nowadays. It solves healing problems and it helps the body to eliminate unsaturated fatty acids. These features make it a great ally to combat localized adiposity and to regenerate tissues. No wonder it is considered as an effective biological restorer par excellence.

An effective treatment for your health and beauty

Ozone is a gas derived from oxygen with a powerful disinfectant effect as it manages to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also acts alongside the blood helping to benefit the energetic performance of the body. This element also has the capacity of working at the cellular level reactivating those parts of the organism that are not working well.

Additionally, it improves circulation and the state of oxygenation of the organism since it activates the cellular systems in charge of such function. For that reason, it increases the capacity of the blood to absorb and transport more oxygen throughout the body.

It is also the only substance capable of stimulating all cellular antioxidant enzymes which eliminate free radicals and other harmful oxidants from the organism. In this way, ozone is an effective resource to delay aging.

A wonderful ally against pain

When the body experiences pain, to defend itself, it manufactures neurochemical mediators of pain, which in a chronic disease circulate throughout the body and spread the pain to other areas. Ozone inactivates these agents and produces the same effect as an anti-inflammatory medicine.

Unlike anti-inflammatory compounds, this element only disables these mediators, it does not inhibit them. The person experiences relief as the pain gradually disappears so the affected area can be treated. Ozone has also proven to be effective to promote the functional recovery of numerous patients affected by degenerative diseases of different kinds.

Ozone therapy also promotes the regeneration of different types of tissues, a feature that makes it useful for the healing process of lesions that are difficult to cure. It is a wonderful resource in cases of ulcerations of various types and in aesthetic deviations like cellulite, stretch marks and flaccidity.

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