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About MOSA - Medical Oxygen Society of the Americas

"MOSA as a medical society and educator embraces all the proven medical principles beneficial to the the curing of disease ... and presents the internationally accumulated medical knowledge, limited by no geographic, social and historical boundaries or restrictions ... to enable the practitioner to choose, adopt and develop the optimal course of treatment ... with an open mind and without pre-judgement and agendas ... for the ultimate and optimal healing of the patient.

The newly emerging research in cellular science, genetics and nanomedicine, offers the international medical community a more definitive understanding of the primary indicators for optimal health ... and will further support the principles in treating the primary cause of disease on the cellular level.

With a deeper knowledge of cellular metabolism, and the nutritional effects and influences essential to maintaining optimal metabolic health ... versus ... metabolic impairment, cellular toxicity and disease ... regarding now more than ever that all chronic degenerative disease and the aging process start at the cellular level ... the building-block of life and therefore, their treatment must occur at this level also.

MOSA - Lyterian Medicine Principles:

The ancient principles of medicine, now re-empowered and re-confirmed by modern medical science ... ensures the subsequent revival of Lyterian Medicine ... the termination of disease.

MOSA - Your Health:

Your Health is the most fundamental of all human rights ... a privilage to have and your duty to preserve ... MOSA provides the knowledge to assist and guide you in this task.

News on medical oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy is often used as a medical treatment for people affected by chronic respiratory or cardiovascular difficulties. However, it is important to mention that it is gaining popularity among those who want to improve their health and their physical appearance. It promotes cell regeneration and therefore encourages the rejuvenation of the tissues.

Oxygen therapy as an effective antioxidant treatment

This therapy initially emerged as a medical prescription treatment based on the application of pure oxygen to prevent diseases related to the lack of oxygen in blood. However, it has gained great popularity on esthetic centers and spas, where it is used by an increasing number of people who want to pamper their skin.

A frenetic pace of life accompanied by a not always healthy diet, along with other types of unhealthy habits causes many damages to skin. As a result, the cutis projects all the mistreatment suffered by the organism. This lack of elasticity and hydration is the first warning that indicates that daily routines should improve.

It is in such circumstances that this therapy becomes the most reliable ally on the recovery of overall wellbeing. This treatment consists on the administration of high concentrations of oxygen in order to prevent the deficiency of this component in blood, cells and tissues of the body.

Improve your life quality through a revolutionary treatment

The most demanded modality of this treatment consists on introducing the patient inside a hyperbaric chamber. Then, with the assistance of a mask the person receives a supply of oxygen at one hundred percent concentration.

The purpose of this modality is to increase the oxygen supply to the tissues using hemoglobin as the transport medium. It is especially recommended to treat cases of decompression problems, aeroembolism, gas gangrene or acute carbon monoxide poisoning.

This therapy has also proven to be very effective to improve the firmness of the cutis because it stimulates the production of collagen. In this way it reduces the emergence of wrinkles and aging marks. It also depigments skin helping to attenuate dark circles and some spots.

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